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Lakewood Growers Collective is a member-run cooperative, comprised of independently owned and operated farmsteads. LGC's farming-members have unique backgrounds, all of whom contribute to the diversity of product and perspective brought to the community table. 

2020 Members

Jamie is native to Colorado with a passion for sharing her knowledge of farming with others. Jamie is entering her 8th season of farming. Her background includes the cultivation of her own farm, Wild Wicks, in addition to managing the Veterans to Farmers program at the Denver Botanic Gardens-Chatfield Farm for 6 years. Jamie is supported by her farm partners Doug, Paxson, and Effie.

Katie & Aaron

For the past several years Katie and Aaron have been growing flowers for loved ones and for their own personal enjoyment. Katie gained invaluable experience as the farm manager at Mountair Park Community Farm for Sprout City Farms from 2015-2018, a Garden Educator with Big Green, and currently, as the Farms Program Manager with GoFarm. Aaron and Katie are focusing on expanding FloraBee- their flower farm that supports a healthy ecosystem and their community while producing great blooms in the process. FloraBee flowers are grown without herbicides, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers. So breathe deeply, enjoy those floral scents, explore the texture of the leaves, share the experience with your loved ones, and accept the call from your flowers to be rooted in the present or to enjoy the warm memories they evoke. Flowers have brought so much joy and beauty into Aaron and Katie's home over the years and it's their hope that they will do the same for you!


Debbie has been growing food in and around Denver for the last 12+ years. She is the owner at operator of Farm Yard CSA, where she pieces together farming space in community members' front and back yards. With a strong passion for sustainability, connecting community through food, and spreadsheets, Debbie is the ultimate multi-tasking farmer! 

Guest Growers
Past Members 

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