Our Story

The idea of creating Lakewood Growers Collective sprouted roots in a vegetable field in Littleton, Colorado. Three female farmers, having farmed for others for many seasons, decided that it was time to grow something of their own. In 2018 LGC broke ground and attended their first farmers market as a cooperative. Since the inception of LGC, the Collective has grown from 3 to 6 Members and continues to support other farmers as guest growers. We are thankful for the support of the community and are looking forward to providing fresh flowers and produce to the Greater Denver Area in the years to come. 


Our Mission:


The Lakewood Growers Collective's mission is to increase and elevate opportunities for small-scale female growers in the Greater Denver Area. The Collective strives to achieve this mission by voting on Members who understand the importance of sustainable growing practices, have the desire to support the local food movement and are willing to share their farming knowledge with the Denver community and LGCs current Member network.


Our Values: 


Inclusivity - The Collective creates an environment that is inviting and welcoming to any small-scale, female farmers that are passionate about learning from each other and helping each other’s farmstead’s thrive!


Innovation - The Collective believes in trying new things, experimenting, and learning. In that spirit, we’re open to testing new products at the market and connecting with new outlets.


Collaboration - Collective members are committed to sharing knowledge and resources to help each other’s operations thrive and grow. We try to avoid competition and work together instead.


Passion- In order for the coop to function at its best, all of the Collective’s Members will  be passionate and committed to contributing to the local agricultural movement in the Greater Denver and/or producing sustainably raised food and flowers