Our Story

Lakewood Growers Collective broke ground in 2017.  Since then, LGC has cultivated a network of small-scale farmers located in the Greater Denver Area who collaborate, share their growing expertise, and increase their community's access to quality produce and flowers. LGC is proud to partner with local farmers who grow and distribute mixed fruit, vegetables, and flowers throughout the Denver Metro.


Our Mission:

LGC's mission is to elevate opportunities for small-scale growers in the Greater Denver Area. LGC's members and guest growers understand the importance of using sustainable growing practices, have a desire to support the local food movement, and are willing to share their farming knowledge with their fellow farmers and community members. 


Our Values: 

Inclusivity - LGC creates an environment that is inviting and welcoming to small-scale farmers who are interested in participating in a cooperative model. 

Innovation - LGC believes in trying new things. LGC is continually testing new organizational models that benefit members and guest growers. 


Collaboration - LGC members are committed to sharing knowledge and resources to help each other’s operations thrive and grow. 


Passion- In order for the cooperative to function at its best, all members must be committed to contributing to the local and sustainable agricultural movement in the Greater Denver Area. 

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